2014 m. rugsėjo 24 d., trečiadienis

happy days

I've been in and out this blog for three years now, and I am realizing how much I would've liked if I didn't delete some of the first posts. I mean, they were a part of my senior year in high school, beginning of university.. All memories deleted with a click of a button.
My favorite saying recently have been do more of what makes you happy, and I live by it. So what if I needed the sophisticated black handbag and I bought a blue one, which is much more comfortable, so what if I stayed all day in my pajamas, while my boyfriend was visiting me, so what if I danced around with a wet hair to a The Simpsons theme song. I have never been more happy. Well, we should not count the heartbreaking moment of seeing my other half in a train going away. But all is good, I am all stoked and prepared for my last year at the uni, I've never been more excited about studying, even though, I will have to write my dissertation, do some presentations, write journals and portfolios. I am a happy happy person.
So in this doing more of what makes me happy mood I've decided to come back here, since randomly sharing my thoughts, my not-so great wisdom with someone has been a blast in the past, I want to get back here. A little warning, I will not categorize this blog in any way, I will share random bits and bobs, so don't be surprised if one day you'll read about my favorite nail polish and the other day there's gonna be a complain about harsh assessments. Let's just roll with it. Since I am not a fan with posts with a lot of text in them, I'm just gonna casually go away and go turn on some series (cannot wait for American Horror Story to come back!!!)

Kisses and hugs,

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