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Hello again. Today I'm going to talk a little bit about all the series that I'm watching. I did not plan to write I post today, but then I got some really great news - one of my new favorite tv shows Arrow is officially returning back next autumn for season two. I am excited, even though I started watching Arrow like 3 days ago, or so.
So, let's get started!
In this post I'm just going to talk about what I'm watching and I why and next week I will start short weekly review of all new episodes:)
First on my list is and always will be Friends. I know it ended 9 years ago (woah!), but I still love Friends from the bottom of my heart. It was the best sitcom television has ever seen. I'm still re-watching random episodes from all 10 seasons, because they're all were extraordinarily great. I would SO watch the reunion, only if they would give us one. Unfortunately, there's no chance of that, so far.
Full House aired in the late 80's-early 90's. I don't remember what made me watch it all, but I did that just before Christmas '12 and I did not regret it. I watched all 8 seasons in 3 weeks, or something like that. It's another old school sitcom I would highly recommend.
How I Met Your Mother is obviously one of the greatest sitcoms nowadays, at least it was. 1st to 3rd seasons were absolutely stunning, but lately it's getting harder to even go through an episode without distracting yourself with some random stuff. I am actually very glad that 9th season is going to be final and I hope that they will find a new way to re-awake the show and make the 9th season the one to remember.
90210 is one of those shows that I started a long time ago. I think they were in the 2nd season when i started it, I was like 15 or something like that, so I really loved it! But right now I don't really see anything special in ti, but I still can't stop watching it, because I watched it for so long now and I'm used to it. Also, in this season they had few amazing episodes! I am actually considering watching Beverly Hills 90210.
The Lying Game just started 2nd season. I have no idea again why I started watching it in the first place, but I just did. And it keeps disappointing me, I mean there was not a single good episode of season 2. The finale of the first season was pretty tense, that what I'm expecting the second season to be like.
The Vampire Diaries was my favorite show when they just started, because of Damon mostly, and all of his inappropriate jokes, but right now there's way too much drama there and it does not make sense at all. But again, can't stop, because I'm used to it.
Glee is definitely my favorite musical tv show. Not to mention the fact how inspiring it is. I can shamelessly admit that pretty much every episode from season 2 made me cry. It is perfect and your argument is invalid.
American Horror Story was my discovery of the year. I loved the first season so much, I think I might have my own little marathon to watch all episodes in a row. It literally is the best thing that's ever reached television.
Arrow as I mentioned before is one of my new favorites. I watched it all in one day and Stephen Amell is stunning.
2 Broke Girls is my current favorite sitcom.
Teen Wolf is OMG. It has the most perfect cast ever, honestly, have you seen them???
Pretty Little Liars is getting booooring. I have to force myself to watch it, because it's just way too fucked up. Thank God for Haleb, they're saving the show.
The Carrie Diaries is like new Gossip Girl for me, even though I did not watched the entire GG, but it reminds me of that, mixed with Jane By Design (which was canceled, no idea why, it was great). Loving it so far.
The Following is that tv show that I am crazy about at the moment. I mean, seriously, after AHS, it's the best thing. I adore every single second of it. Such a great story line, such great idea.

And a list of tv shows I have to catch up:
The Big Bang Theory. I'm on season 6 at the moment, just a couple of episodes and I'm done. BAZINGA!
Go On, because I love Matthew Perry, okay?
Nashville, because Hayden Panettiere, that's why.
Suits. No comments on this one....
Revenge, I'm done with season 1, but I don't feel like starting the second one..
Supernatural, I was such a huge fan few years ago, but then I just stopped, no idea why, so I have to watch about 50 episodes now to catch up.

4 komentarai:

  1. Daug ziuri tu serialu:DD Kodel apie 'suits' neturi ka pasakyti? nepatinka?
    As pastebejau, kad man labiau sekasi susikoncetruoti ties tais serialais, kuriu serija trunka 20min:DD o del 'friends', tai pritariu, nerealus serialas!

  2. Labai daug:DD Neturiu ką pasakyti, nes per daug fainas jis, tik man reikia susikaupti, kad galėčiau žiūrėti jį:D
    Tai va, aš pastebėjau, kad mano sąrašo topuose visada situacijų komedijos, nes lengviausiai žiūrisi:) labai labai, niekada neatsibos, man atrodo:D

  3. Šiaip (jeigu gerai supratau) jeigu studijuoji kiną, vertėtų įmesti į savo repertuarą vieną kitą rimtesnį serialą kur kažkiek mąstyt reikia (žinau, nesu geriausias pavyzdys, tik patariu). "Suits" tikrai tinka, o visi tie procedūriniai, kurie yra kepami po keliolika sezonų bile pagamint tai nekoks pasirinkimas. Siūlau daugiau serialų iš kabelinių televizijų paimt, kur serijų per sezoną būna apie 13, sezonų ne per daug ir jie būna žymiai aukštesnio lygio. Tiesiog šiaip mintis :)

    1. Žinau žinau, tą ir žadu padaryti, vos tik pasibaigs kai kurių serialų sezonai, nes, kaip minėjau, kai kuriuos žiūriu vien dėl to, kad žiūriu labai senai. Jau buvau kelis kartus nusprendusi, kad reikia mesti, bet tada kaip tik kas nors įdomaus nutinka:D Pas mane sąraše ir Sopranai ir Breaking Bad ir The Good Wife ir netgi Downton Abbey yra, nes čia labai vertinamas jis:) Dėkui už patarimą, visgi kiek skaitau tavo blogą drįsčiau sakyti, kad geras pavyzdys esi:)